[c-ubr] docsis 1.1 qos question

James Galliford xlimitx at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 08:53:06 EDT 2005

Hi Matt,

I believe that by using the UGS type of scheduler that the bandwidth
is only reserved for when the service flows are actually active and
working.  Otherwise, it's business as usual and the Best Effort
traffic will be able to use that bandwidth.

On 6/15/05, Matt Hoskins <matth at npgco.com> wrote:
> Hello:
> My company is deploying voice services via packetcable and I have a
> question about QoS.  Our telephony partner will not be using DQoS to
> dynamically create the call service flows.  Because of this, I am
> manually creating two dedicated service flows for the voice traffic in
> the docsis1.1 config file.
> I am using the UGS scheduling type on the upstream.  My question is
> this:  By using the UGS scheduling type, am I reserving that bandwidth
> so that only that modem and that service flow can ever use that
> bandwidth?  Currently, the UGS service flow takes approximately 98k of
> bandwidth.  If I provision 50 UGS service flows, will I have effectively
> reserved all my bandwidth and not have any left over for the BE traffic?
> Thanks for any help!
> Matt Hoskins
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