[cisco-voip] access to informix database on cer 7.x server

Peter Ejmont pejmont at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 15:40:50 EST 2009

hi group,
anyone knows how to access remotely an informix database on cer server?
I can ssh to the admin prompt and run sql queries directly but I need to do
it remotely.
Unity connection 2/7.x has ability to access informix database through ODBC
, callmanager can be accessed through axl service but cer can't. I need to
a phone number calling 911, search another database for location information
and display
that information to our local safety/security dept. I am not using ERL as
all phones have
their mac addresses assigned to switchports.
I already have similar setup working with cer 1.3 using ODBC calls but can't
find how to do
it with cer 7.x

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