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1. 400 route patterns in call manager
2. User demands , I want to block caller ID on each patterns.

Q1: What is the best way to do this apart from creating 2 patterns for each
routes, hence 800 patterns - 400 simple and 400 with blocking caller ID.

Alternate to above for same scenario:

Q2: PSTN switch environment;

If those 400 route patterns are dialed with 1777 prefixes (e.g. user dials
1777+[2-9]xxxxxxx). PSTN switch gets 1777[2-9]xxxxxxx and PSTN switch blocks
Here again, the challenge is to achieve this with a single route-pattern.

I looked through the option, like - Application dial-rule, Directory lookup
rules but can't see any optino there.

the logic i am after:

Route-pattern1: 9.[2-9]xxxxxxxx   <simple dial>
route-pattern2: 9.1777[2-9]xxxxxxx , pstn switch sees 1777[2-9]xxxxxxx and
blocks caller id

Can this be done with just creating a route pattern (one) and then adding
some sort of application rule or any other ccm features?

I can't think of anything...

Smile, you'll save someone else's day!
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