[cisco-voip] Backing up subscribers in your cluster

Lelio Fulgenzi lelio at uoguelph.ca
Wed Feb 4 10:14:22 EST 2009

We do that, and we're hoping to continue doing that with the appliance model. 

It's definitely something we will be testing going forward. Even though the drives are not meant for continuous insertion and removal, I doubt that pulling a drive here are there will hurt. 

Supported? Probably not. Just don't mention it when you call the TAC. 

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> Always rebuild your subscriber…. 
> The old school break a mirror during major upgrade has saved me, but Cisco 
> is now discouraging that…. 

Speaking of which - we have a major CUCM 6.1.2, Unity Connection, ARC 
Connect, CVP & ICM install and might have to renumber the telephone 
network. One of the things we were thinking of in terms of rollback 
was to pull a hard drive from each server. 

any thoughts on this ???? 

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