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Wes Sisk wsisk at cisco.com
Wed Feb 4 18:58:54 EST 2009

Hello Elexis,

There are a few items in the current hot issues feed for CM that may be 
of interest for you:

MTP resource connected to Annunciator is not released , Fixed CSCsq50393
H225cdpc clearling before Media gets cleared , Fixed CSCso98227
MTP resource leak occurs on SIP trunk , Fixed CSCso44696
MTP and Xcoder Counter not Updating properly In call manager , Fixed 
MTP port not closed when h323 call finishes before media creates MXs , 
Fixed CSCsk44375

You can view additional details including versions in the Cisco Bug 
Toolkit to confirm these issues are relevant to your deployment.


On Thursday, January 29, 2009 10:39:44 AM, Wes Sisk <wsisk at cisco.com> wrote:
> During periods of low call volume that number should decrease. 
>  Depending on your traffic modeling you should see significant dip in 
> late night/early morning.  You can get more correlation by comparing 
> to number of active calls.  Be sure to compare against number of 
> active calls across all cm nodes as an MTP can be allocated from 
> anywhere within the cluster.
> if you truly find 0 active calls but MTP remaining high you very 
> likely have a leak.  Then there are a couple of ways to go:
> 1. provide your complete CM version.  we can look to see if there are 
> known MTP leaks in that version.
> 2. truly diagnose the problem.  collect all CM SDI and SDL traces from 
> all nodes in the cluster.  the traces should cover from a low use 
> time, through peak usage, and back to low use;  example midnight day1 
> to midnight day2.  Submit a TAC case and provide these traces.  TAC 
> has a tool to parse and look for leaks.  Note your traces must be 
> complete, must be from all nodes, and must cover the whole time. 
>  Partial traces will not work.
> 3. workaround the problem.  periodically restart the ip voice media 
> streaming application service.
> /Wes
> On Jan 29, 2009, at 10:00 AM, Hennigh, Elexis wrote:
> I have a question…
> I have been monitoring our MTP resources. We use software MTP with 
> H.323. gateways. We originally had trouble with running out of MTP 
> resources with the threshold set to the default 48 per server. We have 
> since increased the number of available resources to 64 per server and 
> having 2 servers means 128 available MTP resources. Using RTMT I have 
> been monitoring the number MTP Resources active. It seems to 
> constantly stay around 70 this week. The trend though seems to be 
> increasing as time progresses. I can see the MTP resources decline but 
> not significantly. It gradually increases. RTMT reports over 70 MTP 
> resources active even through the night and through the past few snow 
> days. I am not sure what is going on. I assumed the number of active 
> MTP resources would eventually return to zero if no one was using the 
> phones. Isn’t this strange? Doesn’t it seem that we have a problem 
> with how the call manager releases MTP resources?
> If anyone can explain what is happening here I would appreciate it. J
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