[cisco-voip] Question About Hard Drive Partitions for Unity

Miller, Steve MillerS at DicksteinShapiro.COM
Mon Feb 9 14:51:11 EST 2009

Our network team likes to program servers with a C drive equal to 50
gigs.  This is a standard configuration for all their non-telephony
servers and they would like to keep setting up the servers this way,
including our Unity servers.  All of our Unity servers are currently set
up with 12 gig C drives for the operating system and larger sizes for
the D drives.  Is there any reason for us to use 12 gigs instead of 50
gigs?  What if we decided that going forward we were going to partition
all our Unity servers with 50 gigs of the disk set up for the C drive
and the rest for the D drive?  Is there any specific reason why that
would be an issue?  Would Cisco TAC have a problem with supporting such
a configuration?  If so, why?  Your insight is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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