[cisco-voip] Antw: Cisco Unity Express: Voicemail Question

Jeff Cartier jcartier at acs.on.ca
Thu Feb 12 09:31:49 EST 2009

I have a SIP trunk configured to a provider...After doing the debug
ccsip message command I think its sending my phone number to the
CUE...which is of course not recognized...

Any ideas on how to fix this :(

Jeff Cartier
Applied Computer Solutions
(519) 944-4300 ext. 233
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did you define a Voicemailbox that matches the calling No. of the Phone?

Do a debug ccsip message and look at the calling No when you press the
Voicemail Button.



>>> Jeff Cartier<jcartier at acs.on.ca> schrieb am Donnerstag, 12. Februar
2009 um
14:06 in Nachricht bae1febc3c9c371da9938544948a5432:
> I'm currently in the learning process of configuring Cisco Unity
> Express...When I press the voicemail button on a phone it successfully
> brings me to the voicemail menu, but prompts me for a user ID
> (extension) and PIN.
> Is it possible to...press the voicemail button from the phone, and
> the CUE get sent the user ID/extension, without you having to type it
> in; and then just type in the PIN...or is it always user ID & PIN?

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