[cisco-voip] End-User Self-Service ?????

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This sort of stuff is controlled under Enterprise Parameters. With 4.1(3) anyways. You can enabled Speed Dial access from the CCMUser pages. Speed dials are configured on the phone and access via on-hook dialing and the AbbrDial softkey. You can also access them through the personal address book phone service. Fast dials are another feature and are commonly referred to as speed dials, but they're different. These too are also controlled under Enterprise Parameters. 

Once you create a userID you have to associate a device to that userID. When you log into http://ccmip/ccmuser you are prompted to log in and select your device. Follow the onscreen selections from there. 

Let us know how this works out for you. 

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There has got to be a better way to manage speed dial settings. Users should be able to access their own configuration page to modify speed dial settings and such. 

How is this done? I have created a username and cannot figure out what permissions to set or where to send them to log in. I just need some documentation on how to set this up. 

Is this the way other people are doing it? Surely you aren’t configuring their speed dial settings for them all the time. 

Any advice? 
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