[cisco-voip] Is anyone using using a non-Cisco approved server for CUCM?

Omori, Hiroshi HOmori at cts.ucla.edu
Wed Feb 18 20:36:41 EST 2009

In these times of shrinking budgets, I was wondering if anyone is using
a non-Cisco approved server for the CUCM?  


Cisco and HP created a part number, 470064-887, which is equivalent to
the MCS 7845H2.  It's still available from HP but it looks like it has a
discontinued CPU(5140) and the RAID controller is a P400/256 instead of
a P400/512.  


I received a quote for a HP DL-380 G5 server that has a newer CPU and
RAID controller that is almost half the price of the Cisco "approved"


I'm pretty sure the CUCM would run fine, in fact we're running a 5
server cluster on HP DL-380 G5 servers using the E5345 CPU's in our test
lab but I wanted to see if anyone has encountered any problems.




Hiroshi Omori

Network Engineer

UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles

Communications Technology Services

741 Charles Young Drive South

Building CSB1, 2nd floor

Los Angeles, Ca. 90095


(310) 206-3700



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