[cisco-voip] problem with a sip trunk between a Alcatel 4400 and a Call Manager 6

Pedro Nogueira pedro.nogueira at sicnet.pt
Thu Feb 19 12:13:22 EST 2009



I have a problem with a Sip Trunk between Alcatel 4400 and a Call
Manager 6 that when I make a call from the Alcatel side to the Call
Manager side, everything works fine, but when I try to make a call from
the Call Manager side to the Alcatel the call fails immediately, without
even establish it, only if I click on the MTP required check box, on the
Call Manager I can establish succefully the call, but when I try to
speake or lessen it doesn't work, only the call establish, nothing more.


Anyone had the same problem already?

The trunk is configured only in the Call Manager, nothing was done in
the Media Gateway.

The version of the Call Manager is 6 and the Alcatel Omni 4400 is 6 .


Anyone can help me on this, or point me in the write direction?


Thanks in advanced,





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