[cisco-voip] FXS port as extension

Ian Tait ian.t at thoughtbubble.net
Sun Feb 22 13:58:41 EST 2009

Lads and lasses,

I'm missing something in my setup.

I've got a 3640 with 2 FXS ports, from which I can make calls, and
calling a local IP phone from an analogue phone attached to one of the
FXS ports, show up as the correct extension, but I can't call the
analogue extension from any other phone - busy tone.

IOS 12.4(21)

Relevant bits of config:
! FXS port...

voice-port 0/0/0

 station-id name 0

 station-id number 1004 

! dn for analogue phone...
ephone-dn  4

 number 1004  

I'm guessing I need to figure out the mac address of the port to put it
in the 'ephone 4' section, which is pretty bare at the mo :-)

If so, how do I do that? :-) Or what else may I have missed?



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