[cisco-voip] Replacement for 7960 phones

Lelio Fulgenzi lelio at uoguelph.ca
Mon Feb 23 11:09:36 EST 2009

We have to decide soon as well for a replacement phone. We have typically three models in the past: 

    • residence 
    • basic business set 
    • advanced business set 

I think we will go forward as follows: 

    • residence 7911 
    • basic business set 7941 
    • advanced business set 7962 

It's still not approved, but that's what I will likely suggest. Let's just hope they don't EOL the 7941 after we make the decision. 

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I am debating between the 7961 and 7962 as replacement for the 7960 model. The 7962 supports high fidelity but is more expensive of course. 

What are others on the List using for Management phone and are people moving towards high fidelity for the future? I don’t want to get calls from users because they have better sound quality on some calls but not others. 



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