[cisco-voip] CDR Record for transferred call question

Erick B. erickbee at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 10:47:25 EST 2009


I am working with ISI Infortel, and having issue with reporting on
transferred calls. They are saying that in the CDR flat files
generated that the following fields should match up across all the
call legs involved in a transfer.

origLegCallIdentifier and the destLegIdentifier fields should match
across the call legs.

In the CDR file, there are 3 legs part of the transferred call and the
origLegCallIdentifer field matches on the 1st and 3rd leg but is
different on the 2nd leg which is the phone that transferred the call
to the final phone. This is on Call Manager version 5.1.1 and I've
also compared against same sample call flow on version
and 7.0(2) and the CDR flat file records look the same. I've also
tested with transfer softkey for the whole call flow and using hold
and new call then transfer and the CDRs look the same so the method
used doesn't effect the CDRs it appears.

According to Cisco docs, it seems like it is working as it should as
the examples in the docs match what I see and descriptions in the
Cisco CDR PDF describe how these get generated, etc. But there is a
section of the PDF that has the following for both of these fields,
"If the leg of a call persists across several sub-calls, and
consequently several CDRs (as during a call transfer), this value
remains constant."  which I don't understand what it  means if these
fields are different in the CDRs. I've opened a TAC Case and they
confirmed everything is working as it should but the vendor is going
back to this statement and states the fields should match up across
all call legs so they can match up all the call legs for the report
involved in the transferred call.

The PDF is here,


Just wondering if anyone else has ran into this before or not.


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