[cisco-voip] Remote Office VOIP VPN solution

Nathan Keeter nathankeeter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 00:47:11 EST 2009

I need a little help with with remote office VPN VOIP solution using Cisco
871, ASA 5520, and Cisco 7961 phones.  It's partially working now.  My
problem is one way voice.  Traffic from the HQ/ASA5520 side is working
well.  The phones are registering fast, call quality sounds great coming
from the office.   The problem is that voice traffic coming from the remote
office over the 871 is not making it.   I think it may be a LLQ problem,
since I can't seem to get the 871 to kick in the LLQ on the crypto engine.
I would really appreciate it if someone could post an example configuration
for an 871 in this config.

Thanks in Advance,

Nathan Keeter
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