[cisco-voip] Semi OT: VRF over a T1?

Scott Voll svoll.voip at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 14:27:48 EST 2009

OK.... I'm working out my new security model.

I have VRF setup for my Voice networks which will come into my FWSM via a
single interface to keep my voice off the Data networks etc.

Now the only question I have is how do I get the Voice over a T1 into my VRF
domain?  Please don't just respond with GRE or MPLS.  Can someone give me a
link.  I'm mining through CCO for both GRE and MPLS and it's not quite what
I'm lookiing for.  Topology is very easy:

Voice networks -- VRF on 3550-12g -- VRF 6509 -- FWSM with VRF behind it.
Pretty simple.

Now add in the T1's comming off a Channelized ds3 on my 6509.  Topology
looks like this:

VRF -- 6509 (channelized DS3 ---- T1) 28xx router with both data and voice
networks behind it.

How do I get the voice traffic behind the 2800 ISR into the VRF on the 6509?

If you have a config link or something a little more in depth..... That
would be awsome.


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