[cisco-voip] Phone does not change/updates to another locale

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Fri Feb 27 00:44:28 EST 2009

I just upgraded my lab box to and experiencing the same
If I change the user locale to French in the Enterprise Parameters and
reboot all the phones they are not updated to the French language.

If I change the locale on the physical phone or even on the device profile,
do a reset or login/logout the locales are not updated on the phones.

It is a single CUCM7 with IP phone 7960 with FW 8.0(9.0)

Installed the locale version cm-locale-fr_FR-

any suggestions?


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  A client has just been upgraded from 5.1.2 to 6.1.2, and locales were 
installed on all servers (two locales plus the general-network), servers 
rebooted (after locale installation as well).

 Now we've got some complaints, that users aren't able to switch between 
locales (they use Extension Mobility a lot) and everyone is stuck with 
whatever locale he/she had before the upgrade. (So there are phones with 
different locales working. Just changing them seems to be the problem).

Anybody encountered this? Any ideas on how to debug it? (unfortunately 
right now I won't be able to anyway, this being a remote site with no 
remote access for now) Also, there isn't any more info right now, other 
than costumer complaints. Has anything changed in the manner locales 
should be set/changed on the phones?

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