[cisco-voip] Configuring first VG224: MGCP vs. SCCP configurations

Lelio Fulgenzi lelio at uoguelph.ca
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I agree. If you are only using them for phones, go for SCCP. Even for modems and faxes, you can use modem/fax passthrough and things work well. 

Check the list archives for information about how MGCP is a better option for alarm systems that convey contact information. 

P.S. if you are deploying a few, consider the four-pack. it's cheaper 

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SCCP is superior as a control protocol for VG224s as it not only makes configuration of the ports extremely easy, it also enables a lot more features that are otherwise unavailable if MGCP is used as a control protocol. 

SCCP essentially makes the 24 FXS ports into phones you can configure just like any other IP phone within CCM. 

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Subject: [cisco-voip] Configuring first VG224: MGCP vs. SCCP configurations 

Currently we have many old VG248 dinosaurs in our shop. So 
we started the configuration of our first VG224. The question has been raised 
as to use either MGCP or SCCP. Which one is the best and why? 



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