[cisco-voip] 9971 Phones -> Anyone using them in production?

Matthew Loraditch MLoraditch at heliontechnologies.com
Thu Aug 18 07:46:59 EDT 2011

I have one on my desk and use all those features with no problem. My answers are basically the same as Bernhard's.
I would definitely check and make sure you are running the latest firmware.

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Hi Nathan,
yes, we have some 99XX in production and one other customer has about
5000 89XX (which is the same codebase)
see answers inline

On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 11:34 AM, Nathan Reeves <nathan.a.reeves at gmail.com> wrote:

>  - When the phone has CFwdAll configured, nothing on the phone 
> identifies that this is operational.
After you entered the CFA you should see a Toast (Popup) with the entered detail. Also the Bar at the top of the phone (above the first line appearance) will show where the phone is forwarded to.
>  - When you hit the CFwdAll button while CFwdAll is enabled, SCCP 
> Phones would cancel the active forward.  You dont' appear to be able 
> to cancel the Forward on these units.
Is this the softkey or a PLK? Softkey will definitely work. Difference is, that the name of the softkey actually changes ("Forward off" or something similar when using english locales I believe).
So this should definitely work.

>  - iDivert (or Divert as it's known in the SIP images) doesn't work.  
> Can get the button to appear but when a call is incoming you can press 
> the button and nothing happens (currently open with TAC).
Have you configured a voicemail profile that is either the default or assigned to the phone?

> I've had these issues on 8.0.3 and was hoping our move to 8.6.1 would 
> resolve it but no such luck.  We're running the latest code on the phones.
> Anyone got ideas on fixes for the above?
What phone FW are you running?

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