[cisco-voip] Translation Pattern CSS

O'Brien, Neil nobrien at datapac.com
Tue Feb 8 04:50:25 EST 2011

Hi Guys,


I have a multisite Call Manager 6.1.2 deployment.  The restrictive CSS
is applied to the line and the CSS that contains the partition for local
PSTN route pattern is applied to the phone.


I'm trying to implement s speeddial/shortcode system where by a user
dials *xxx to reach an external number.  The problem I seem to be having
is that the when the Translation pattern changes the CSS, the CSS for
the phone doesn't get applied.  So what's happening is that I have to
apply the PSTN CSS to the translation pattern.  This would be ok if it
was just one site but I don't want to have to create separate speeddials
for each site with their local PSTN CSS in the transformation pattern.


Any ideas??


Thanks in advance,


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