[cisco-voip] CCM7 day to day admin tips ?

Lelio Fulgenzi lelio at uoguelph.ca
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Does CUAE provide any sort of base toolbox for something like this? 

I'd like to be able to install something quickly, enter the IP of the publisher, along with the user/password and start playing around. 

I have ZERO web programming skills, but I'm great at copying/modifying code. ;) 

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Hi Tony, 

> 1) my ccm 7x admin gui keeps on logging me out , so how i can make my login a permanent for few hours at least , let us say 8am to 5pm , if not for any longer ? 
Known issue, i believe this is not fixable right now. See CSCsj45520 for details 

> 2) how can remote login my users across wan ? cause , i heard that there is a url with which you can remotely login any extension mobility user , even though you can logout the same user via device gui section ? 
Two options 
1.)Use AXL (quite easy to do). There is even an example script to do 
this in the pyaxl distribution from TU Chemnitz 
2.)You can always use the normal EM Login URL in the following form: 
http://<ucm>:8080/emapp/EMAppServlet?device=<le device>&userid=<le 
username>&seq=<le highly secret pin code of the user> 
Devicename includes SEP + the mac. 
For this to work you need to know the pin of the user 

> 3) with in my previous ccm4 platform , i use to have a vg224 gui display under device menu i.e and in this display , there used to be very useful info or "ports vs associated dn Numbers" mapping and you used to see which ports are vacant ..etc after the ccm7x migration , i could not display similar useful info unfortunately. so , is there any way i can extract this vg224 ports vs dn numbers view ? 
Hmm, not sure which view you mean. did you check the GW view with 
"show endpoints" set to yes? 

> 4) speaking of display , another display i found very useful in my previous ccm4x platform was that , you can actually navigate between "device/mac + loged out dn ( i.e base dn with out any extension mobility or device profile dn) + loged in dn ( i.e with device profile dn). Is there any way , i can view similar 3 way mappings with in ccm7 admin gui ? 
So the DB model for a EM login has changed quite a bit. Logins are now 
done just via a relational association. 
You have two options: 
1.)go via Device->Actively logged in Devices. Just be aware that 
whenever you click on the device you will get the logged out dn there 
2.)Dependency records. Newer CCM versions will show a Dependency 
record for the extensionmobilitydynamic table (unfortunately labeled 
as "null"). So this gives you some info as well 
3.)run the following query on the cli 
run sql select d.name,d.description,np.dnorpattern as 
loggedoutdn,emdn.dnorpattern emdn from device d,device 
profile,extensionmobilitydynamic em,devicenumplanmap 
dnmp,devicenumplanmap dnmp2,numplan np,numplan emdn where 
d.pkid=dnmp.fkdevice and dnmp.fknumplan=np.pkid and d.pkid=em.fkdevice 
and em.fkdevice_currentloginprofile=profile.pkid and 
profile.pkid=dnmp2.fkdevice and dnmp2.fknumplan=emdn.pkid 
this should at least give you a bit a easy view who is logged in where 
(no navigating from there though :-( ) 


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