[cisco-voip] Cisco Unity Connection - Not meeting hardware requirements

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Try it with 1 CPU and 4GB of RAM instead.  I've installed Unity Connection 10.5 in VMware Workstation 10 with 1 CPU, 4GB RAM, and a 200GB hard drive.

Or, you can extract the CALLMANAGER_PRODUCT.CONF file from the \Cisco\install\conf folder on the ISO, open it in Notepad and scroll down to the Unity Connection section and change this:
NOT,        *,     *,      *,    *,      *,     *,      *,    *,      *

to this:
VAL,        *,     *,      *,    *,      *,     *,      *,    *,      *

If you have "VAL" and asterisks on each column, then you are basically saying every hardware combo is valid.

Once done, overwrite the original file in the ISO (using some ISO editor like PowerISO or UltraISO), save your ISO (make sure its bootable), mount it to your VMware workstation VM, and try again.  This "should" let any hardware combination work.  You said you "purchased" this.  Keep in mind that VMware Workstation isn't supported for any UC product, and editing this .conf file makes it unsupported even more. :)


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I have recently purchased Call Manager 10.5.1 Bootable_UCSInstall_UCOS_10.5.1.10000-7.sgn. CUCM installs and works great using Workstation 10. My VM his configured with 2 processors, 6 Gig of ram, 200 Gig hard drive, I am using it in a lab environment.

I get a message during the install that Cisco Unity Connection will not run as my hardware does not meet the requirements.

What am I missing?

Randy Hirose
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