[cisco-voip] SX20 Quick Bet unable to Register on VCS Control

Michel L. M. B. Perez michelmbperez at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 23:47:26 EDT 2014

Hi Guys,

I am trying to register my SX20 Quick Bet on My VCS Control.

My SX20 Version Software: TC7.1.4.908e4a9
My VCS Controle Version Software: X7.2.3

When the SX20 try to register i can see on SX20:
"Status: Failed: 403 Forbidden"

And this Logs on VCS Control:

2014-08-01T00:34:53-03:00 tvcs: Event="Registration Rejected"
Reason="Received from unauthenticated source"
2014-08-01T00:34:53-03:00 tvcs: Event="Registration Requested"

Trying to find the explanation i saw this:


Note that i have 3 devices registered by SIP os this same VCS, one C40,
another EX60 and one MCU 4510.

Anyone with same problem?

Michel Perez
Skype: michelmbperez
michelmbperez at gmail.com
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