[cisco-voip] UCCx 10.6 CAD vs Finesse

Abhiram Kramadhati (akramadh) akramadh at cisco.com
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Hi Brian, all,

A few points to note:

  *   The COP file you mentioned has been removed and this has been bundled into 10.6(1)SU1, so a new customer should be moving to 10.6(1)SU1 directly

The overall strategy for agents moving from CAD to Finesse when it comes to supervision is in this:

Now, the reason we advise on the above mentioned strategy is due to the discrepancies that come up with Live Data/Reporting. I am sure moving on a per agent basis in the lab would work perfectly with no problem with in the core functionality but when running a load, the validation of the reporting (historical and live) is the problem due to discrepancies. Especially when it comes to agent states being changed form the supervisors, calls being stuck when terminated from different desktops etc. etc. So, in the lab environment – you can test and the core functionality will have no problem. But under production load, there can be discrepancies with the data and therefore to avoid these tricky situations the best practices have been advised as above.

There are other factors too such as how does the server side logging differ for an agent on CAD against an agent on Finesse. These are factors not important for this discussion, but to summarise – the discrepancies in the data written into the DB as well as the way it will be interpreted when presented on the report has led to these best practices being put in place.

Hope that helps.


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Subject: Re: [cisco-voip] UCCx 10.6 CAD vs Finesse

My last upgrade was to UCCX 10.6 and I did play with both CAD and Finesse at the same time a little bit.
Customer was CAD before the upgrade and kept using CAD at first while we got Finesse up and tested.
Another member posted-the link to the docs that mention it.

Just installing 10.6.1 doesn't enable Finesse with CAD, you need to install a COP file as well which requires a reboot.
Also don't forget that you still need to enable finesse at the CLI and that also requires a reboot.

Cisco's docs say that you have to migrate entire "teams" at once.  Where team is the desktop term for grouping of agents with a supervisor and not actual skills that effect call routing.

I'm not sure if there is negative affect if not moving the entire team over at once.

In my testing i used an agent and supervisor login that were previously defined as CAD users and logged into finesse with them while the rest of the team was logged in with CAD/CSD. What I found is that from the agent point of view I was able to change state just fine and take calls.  From the supervisor side it also seems to generally show agent state of the CAD users.

During this test the CAD supervisor (CSD) could not see any status about my agent logged in via Finesse. It was as if the agent was not logged in at all.

I wish Cisco could be a be a little more specific about what exactly won't work if members of the same team are running both CAD and Finesse at the same time.

For example if Cisco said that CSD and Finesses supervisors would show inconsistent or incorrect data until all members are on Finesse but it wouldn't affect call routing that would be very useful information.

This would mean that I would feel comfortable moving a team from CAD to Finesse, user by user, during the first few hours of a business day instead of a flash cut of all users  first thing in the morning.

Anyone else try running them both at the same time in a limited fashion ?

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 11:10 AM, Scott Voll <svoll.voip at gmail.com<mailto:svoll.voip at gmail.com>> wrote:
Does anyone have CAD and Finesse running at the same time?  Can you?  We have seen documentation that you can only run one or the other.  But I seem to remember that someone said in 10.6 you can run both.

Anyone able to confirm or deny?



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