[cisco-voip] ESXi RAM Requirements

Charles Goldsmith wokka at justfamily.org
Fri Oct 30 22:59:46 EDT 2015

This is purely a guess, but I think the fact that we don't use a lot of the
features available in ESXI is why Cisco doesn't have us reserve 8gb.  I've
never had an issue with running out of ram on a production system, always

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> Hey All,
> I'm trying to understand the concept of ESXi's RAM requirements, and with
> 5.5 VMWare says the minimum is 4GB, but they do recommend 8GB for "full
> features."
> When I look at this one guide as an example:
> http://docwiki.cisco.com/wiki/UC_Virtualization_Supported_Hardware#BE6000H.C2.A0Servers_and_Small_Plus_UConUCS_Tested.C2.A0Reference_Configurations
> It shows that 48GB of RAM is installed inside, but only 44GB is available
> to VMs.  That makes me think Cisco is only accounting for a 4GB minimum,
> and not the 8GB recommended.
> Is that what you read that as, as well?  And how does one allocate 8GB to
> ESXi?  Do you just not use it for your VMs and leave it on the table, a la
> CUC core reservation?
> A little late Friday evening thoughts right before a holiday weekend.
> That's how you know I'm in this job deep.  Thanks and have a great weekend.
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