[cisco-voip] ESXi RAM Requirements

Anthony Holloway avholloway+cisco-voip at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 21:58:19 EDT 2015

Hey All,

I'm trying to understand the concept of ESXi's RAM requirements, and with
5.5 VMWare says the minimum is 4GB, but they do recommend 8GB for "full

When I look at this one guide as an example:

It shows that 48GB of RAM is installed inside, but only 44GB is available
to VMs.  That makes me think Cisco is only accounting for a 4GB minimum,
and not the 8GB recommended.

Is that what you read that as, as well?  And how does one allocate 8GB to
ESXi?  Do you just not use it for your VMs and leave it on the table, a la
CUC core reservation?

A little late Friday evening thoughts right before a holiday weekend.
That's how you know I'm in this job deep.  Thanks and have a great weekend.
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