[cisco-voip] CAD vs Finesse Differences

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We may or may not have read the release notes when going from 10.5 to 11.0 and found out during that transition that CAD was gone. So it is for sure not an option once you reach ver 11 and up.


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It will take a couple of revisions for finesse to work like CAD. Till then we are stuck with it.

I have a lot of customers who have elected to wait on 10.6 for finesse to stabilize.

By the way I have nothing against finesse and  have several customers on finesse, just not the big ones..

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Thanks for the additional information Anthony! What I found interesting was the wording of the introduction in document. Is there really a decision to be made? I thought 10.6 was the end of the line for CAD?

“By learning how these differences affect your business and agent/supervisor productivity, you will be able to make a well-informed decision about which solution is best for your business.”


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I was about to blast that document for being really old, but then I clicked it, and I now see that it was updated last month.  That's encouraging.  At least Spark hasn't stolen the UCCX documentation team away from us.

The document is still missing a few key things though.

As one example, CAD use to show the bread crumb trail for the call, so if you wanted to know which number they dialed, queue they arrived to you from, and if they spoke to any other agents, or were in any other CSQs, that was all in CAD by default.  Finesse doesn't have this.  So, you need to fake it with Enterprise Data Fields, and it's still not as good, plus you have to have some complex scripting using session variables, etc.  It's not really practical to expect us Engineers to just boiler plate that in to every Finesse greenfield.

Then, there's probably other things you need to consider too, which are not exactly a comparison of clients, but rather a list of items which need to be addressed on Finesse.  For example, if you're a Supervisor and a Reporting person, your Finesse Live Data gadgets will now show every single Agent and CSQ, instead of just those for which you supervise.  You'll need to follow this reference<http://cp.mcafee.com/d/k-Kr3xEgdEIfn7nud7dTPtPqadPhOqemnAS7PqadPhOqemnCkrCQkkrLfCzAsepdEEEEI3zhOUeodyeQH3y3sj7DDwFSHs4fzhSPvbCTqJMg-d7rdYKrd7ara2b3P_nVyX2aoUtRXBQSjhOZMVxd6WpEVVqWtAklrTjVkffGhBrwqrhdI6XCXCM0lFkJnBYJDMNKCkrmmH6u8lJjbdQDlnUBXlffQxmePBm6dMAXbQ2ZGMDJFBXv2vNb-7Hh-BchhuujpbP-Ne5p-nrJofbTLMedWp9RffGoQI2y8DOVIQsI3AjobZ8Qg6BKQGmGncRAIqnjh0920sq83d3h0bOxZauq80WjHLN-5LEropdP0sJqybbzTu_> to have that corrected.

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Is there a summary or matrix that shows the feature differences between CAD and Finesse that would be on UCCX 10.6x? I have seen threads mentioning some feature deficiencies with earlier versions of Finesse but would like to know the overall differences on current versions.  Thanks, Jason

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