[cisco-voip] Unity Connection SRSV question

Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman Ahmed.Rahman at bmbgroup.com
Mon Mar 7 07:00:32 EST 2016

Hi Gents,

I have a CUCM cluster version 10.5 with CUC 10.5, and we are going to implement CUC SRSV 10.X in one new remote site using SM-SRE-910K module on 3925 voice gateway router, so if any one already implemented SRSV in this mode I really appreciate if he can give me an overview for the implementation steps specially the first step as I reviewed the related documents (Complete Reference Guide for Cisco Unity Connection Survivable Remote Site Voicemail (SRSV) for Release 10.x ) but I'm still not sure specially about the first steps to make CUC SRSV mode up and running.

I currently have the following idea about the steps to be taken, so please correct/add/modify/edit any of them according to your experience:

*         First we have to give the SRE module an IP address.

*         Then when we access the IP we will find ESXi already installed on the module and we can start deal with it like any ESXi host.

*         We will create a VM for the CUC SRSV on the ESXi host on the SRE module.

*         We will install the same version CUC as the one we have in the HQ.

*          Then CUC starts in demo mode, we will run CLI command utils cuc activate cusrsv to convert the standalone CUC to CUC SRSV server.

*         Then how it will interact with the CUC cluster in the HQ?


Best Regards

Ahmed Abd EL-Rahman
Senior Network Engineer

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