[cisco-voip] Need to modify P-Asserted Identity in SIP message for call to work...

Jonathan Charles jonvoip at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 01:12:33 EDT 2016

So, we have  a Century Link SIP trunk and we need to send a specific
P-Asserted Identity for the call to work.

We have: a

voice class sip-profiles 101

 request INVITE sip-header P-Asserted-Identity modify
"P-Asserted-Identity:(.*)@voip.centurylink.com" "P-Asserted-Identity: <
sip:3125551212 at voip.centurylink.com>"

TO change the P-Asserted ID to what CL wants... however it is not making
the change...

dial-peer voice 200 voip
 voice-class sip asserted-id pai
 voice-class sip profiles 101

What do we need to do to force a specific P-Asserted Identity...?


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