[cisco-voip] 8865 Phones and UCCX 9 Agent Endpoints

Nathan Reeves nathan.a.reeves at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 20:59:17 EDT 2016

Wondering if anyone out there has deployed 8865 phones as UCCX Agent
endpoints.  I can see they don't get listed specifically until UCCX 11 in
the compatibility matrices.  Given they run common code across the 88XX
fleet, the 88's first show in the matrix on CCX9.0.2SU2, is it safe to
assume that support is included even though not specifically listed.

Some quick checks in lab show things working ok, but realise here that 'it
works ok' is different to 'officially supported'.

Anyone had any experiences with these models and UCCX 9?


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