[cisco-voip] doing more with CUC notification devices?

Ryan Huff ryanhuff at outlook.com
Wed Sep 20 15:15:34 EDT 2017

I'm thinking a polling script against the CUMI API to get new / old message counts:


I think the useful sections might be be the MessageCount property in the "Mailbox Folder Operations/Inbox Folder Operations/".



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On Sep 20, 2017, at 2:46 PM, Nick Barnett <nicksbarnett at gmail.com<mailto:nicksbarnett at gmail.com>> wrote:

One of my customers has asked for voicemail "logging."  What they mean by that is that each time one of our sales people gets a voicemail in their CUC, they want this added to an internal database. There is a lot more to it, but this is the extreme basics of the request. My thoughts were to create an addtional SMTP notification device and stand up another email server. The 2nd SMTP device would be sent to something like nick.barnett at internalserver.company.xyz<mailto:nick.barnett at internalserver.company.xyz>   From there, they could have an app that parsed the email and did whatever they wanted. That should theoretically work, but it's nasty as it relies on email, and other servers, and webapps and a bunch of other stuff that can break.

They basically want a push notification for each voicemail, but not to an SMTP device.
What we really need is a webhook that is fired when someone gets a new voicemail.

Is there any way to do this now? I'm on CUC 10.5... is anything like this slated in a roadmap? Are there any 3rd party solutions for something like this?

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