[dc-ops] Low-End Switches with Dual Power

Matt Addison matt.addison at lists.evilgeni.us
Wed Sep 7 20:12:14 EDT 2011

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 19:51, Scott Berkman <scott at sberkman.net> wrote:
> Does anyone have a good recommendation for a 1U (or similar) managed switch
> with dual power inputs, preferably A/C?
> We have a lot of data center customers that have dual power on all their
> servers but their switches are single feed, creating a single point of
> failure.  These are customers that manage their own equipment and don't want
> to spend for the level of equipment like Cisco 4000 or 6000 that have
> redundant PSU's.

We usually recommend a rack mount ATS, although it only protects
against a failure on the provider side, and not a failure of the PSU
in their equipment.

Anything which switches in under a cycle (16ms) shouldn't be an issue
for most modern power supplies.


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