[ednog] Walled gardens & anycast (oh my!)

Kevin Miller kcmiller at duke.edu
Thu Apr 7 15:22:30 EDT 2005

Hey all-

Sorry for the lag here.. I've been processing mail a bit late.

Anyway, an idea that was (mostly) Dave Farmer's but I find interesting
is to modify uRPF and use MPLS for walled gardens. To give a bit of
background: for awhile (when at CMU) I thought about using uRPF as a
good way to drop hosts off the net quickly. The idea is to interface
quagga/zebra with your blacklist. When you want to drop someone, just
announce a /32 to the IP, and uRPF will drop the traffic at the ingress

An extension of this would be if you could tell uRPF instead to drop it
into an MPLS VRF (aka Walled Garden #1). Then you can redirect it to
your patch page or what have you.

So it's not so much anycast, but using similar pieces. :)


Kevin C. Miller
Network Architect
Office of Information Technology
Duke University

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