[ednog] FYI: JT BOF: Security Implications of Optical Bypass

Mark Poepping poepping at cmu.edu
Mon Jan 9 12:36:10 EST 2006

A draft of a BoF for the upcoming JT...  For those planning, thinking, or 
wondering about attendance - I think 'til the end of the week for the group 
rate on the hotel.

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JT BOF: Security Implications of Optical Bypass

Changes in fundamental network infrastructure technologies are
allowing lambda's access directly into the core of campus networks.
This possibility opens a tremendous amount of opportunity for
researchers as well having serious security implications.  The BOF is
designed to discuss what the changes in infrastructure might mean for
network security.

Initial Discussion Topics:
- What is optical bypass?  Architectural alternatives,
  common definitions, user communities, long haul vs. local
  loop vs. campus responsibilities, etc.
- Are security implications any different?  Tools (mibs, span
  ports, taps, etc), organizational entities on campuses,
  interaction with "rest of the network," etc.
- How are campuses different?  Campuses that are
  implementing/planning/ignoring implementation,
- Who needs to be involved in the discussion?  From
  campuses, researchers, backbone, funding agencies, etc.

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