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Sorry for my delay...

As I recall the discussion with John at the time, both ideas were basically experiments, but the purpose for ednog and netguru were different, though there was certainly overlap in target audience.  I thought John was trying to create a forum for open discussion and sharing, which seemed a fine idea.  I was trying to foster a klatch, a peer group of 'usual suspect' network managers (15-25 folks) to improve camaraderie among a small group of networking leaders in higher-id (inter- and intra-network) - not that all leaders must participate or that all participants are recognized leaders, but just to have a place to ask hard questions easily.  My motivation came from having three different network managers in like six years (one to Google, one to Yahoo), and I was looking for a place to bring smart people up to speed more quickly.  Further, my experience in Internet2 with MACE (middleware) was inspiring, where this basic idea had worked quite well (though those guys didn't cycle out anywhere near as fast).  Anyway, I intended the list primarily to support a recurring meeting for that small group, and despite extreme atrophy on the web page (I blame myself), the meetings continue and other questions and discussion appears on the list occasionally.

In the end, I believe that both activities could still have a lot of value, but I think they need additional energy and sponsorship to thrive.  Since the original start of these activities, I have had less responsibility (and drastically less time) to dedicate to networking, and John has left higher-ed (as have several from the original netguru group).  Plus, people are just genuinely very busy, so it's hard to start new things like this no matter the value.

Okay, enough of the retrospective, since I was one of the original instigators here, I'm willing to try to see whether and what value there may yet be here, so subject to suggestion, volunteering, or help from those receiving this message, I propose to do the following:
 . I'll talk to Internet2 'sponsors' and those on the netguru list to see what they think of this, both the thought of an open list and to the value of any closed activity.  In fact, some discussion of that had happened in preparation for this past meeting (last week).
 . I'll see if EduCause (or I'm open to suggestion for anyone else) has any thought or concern for a networking constituency group and maybe run an open list (like EduCause-IDM or EduCause-Security).  This is probably a much larger effort to consider though..  Frankly, I think that the security lists have taken up a lot of the networking questions over the past few years (for better or worse).

Your suggestions/comments/questions/volunteering welcome!
Mark Poepping
Head IT Architect
Computing Services
Carnegie Mellon

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> > It seems like having an advanced R&E list that deals with more
> > advanced topics could still be useful.  Are there any ednog members
> > who are also part of netgurus who would like to see an advanced R&E
> > mailing list that people could choose to join?
> I forgot about netguru.  I was on it and might still be, but I haven't
> seen anything on the main list for awhile.  The info page for it also
> sorely out of date:
>   <http://security.internet2.edu/netguru/>
> As I recall ednog actually started just before netguru got going, but I
> remember having some discussion with, Mark I think it was, about the
> the two since they were targeting essentially the same audience.  ednog
> is perhaps slightly more modest in name if not in exclusivity (you just
> have to know it's here).  If netguru can be opened up, I'd recommend
> people go there.
> John
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