[f-nsp] question re unsuccessful connections and a ServerironXL

Alex Sharaz A.Sharaz at hull.ac.uk
Tue Mar 7 12:57:59 EST 2006


Quick question here, 

If you log onto a serveriron through the gui and select
monitor/slb/general you see a table, the first 2 rows of which are total
number of connections and unsuccessful number of connections.

How can you get more information as to what the unsuccessful connections

On one of our XL's we've got 77,000,000 ish connections successful and
about 45K's worth of unsuccessful connections.
On another one we've got 15,000,000 successful and 21,000,000
unsuccessful and I'd really like to see what's failing.

If you've got a l4 radius auth check with an invalid userid/password for
the health check, would that be treated as a connection failure?


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