[f-nsp] MLX / XMR experiences

Robert Boyle robert at tellurian.com
Wed May 30 22:30:08 EDT 2007

At 07:05 AM 5/30/2007, staudt at dial.sk wrote:
>has anyone experience with these in an ISP environment?


>We're considering building our shiny new 10GbE network core on a couple of
>XMRs. Should be a standard MPLS core, also with some VLLs and VPLS for
>customer circuits. Oh and there will be some 7600s in the MPLS cloud too.

That's a pretty straightforward use. That's the reason for the XMR's 
existence! :) We didn't like the Cisco code and feature split 
happening between the 7600 and 6500 code bases either. Many features 
we want aren't available on the 6500 yet, but they are on the 7600 
images - which everyone knows they are the same box except for an EEPROM ID #.

>We had one here for testing and it came out technically better as a
>7600 (which is our other option). We'd only like to know how well it does
>(or doesn't) behave in production. Any info on interoperability with
>Cisco in said fields would be especially welcome.

We have a nationwide network made up of Foundry XMRs, Cisco 650X - 
Sup720-3BXL, and Cisco 7200s with NPE-400s and NPE-G2s. Everything 
works well together and we have no complaints. ISIS, BGP, BFD, SNMP, 
MPLS and we love them! They just work and I love the single software 
image and the fact that all features are included for the base price. 
They also have POS cards now. Their gear works with all SFPs we have 
tried. The power requirements are pretty light compared to Cisco too. 
Overall, they are just a great company to do business with on all 
levels. I highly recommend you explore the Foundry option! 
Maintenance is very affordable and the support is world class.


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