[f-nsp] Redundant routes

Gerald Krause gk at ax.tc
Tue Feb 7 17:16:07 EST 2012

schrieb Nick Gray:
> The hand off is Ethernet. Appears to be handing off to two netgear
> smart switches linked together ( 'switch1' and 'switch2' ) on the
> client's side. The client may not be using managed switches. Would
> this change anything on my side?
> Thanks for your help!

In such a situation (flat layer 2 links between all systems) I would
prefer an VRRP(-E) setup on your side if your gear support this feature.
That should be much easier for you and the client/customer because it
usually works even with dumb gear on the remote end and do not need a
special configuration on that side.

The only drawback with an VRRP setup I could imagine is that the client
can't use/saturate both links simultaneous in an easy way.


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