[f-nsp] Current Total Free Memory [...] is below 5 percent of Installed Memory.

Dunc dunc.lockwood at thebunker.net
Wed Jan 11 08:28:24 EST 2012

 > I have a CAM related question:
> Currently I am running on this MLX:
> cam-partition profile multi-service-2
> cam-partition logging 90% 30
> enable-acl-cam-sharing
> cam-mode ipv6 dynamic
> cam-mode ipvpn dynamic
> cam-mode ip dynamic
> I have high CPU utilization on the first line card.
> My impression is that this is related to cam memory exhaustion, which
> causes the packets to be switched to the line card CPU:


I might be wrong, but I thought dynamic mode means everything is sent to
the CPU. Do you need to have dynamic enabled?

I think that as long as you haven't run out at the top of the table [IP]
then it's OK. On an MLX here, I have SNet 7 being 100% used, but still
free room at the top.



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