[f-nsp] XMR 1Gig LED Insanity

Richard Laager rlaager at wiktel.com
Thu Feb 14 17:09:49 EST 2013

We're having a strange problem and I'm wondering if others have seen it.

The link LEDs on our 1Gig cards behave in very strange ways. I haven't
exhaustively tested the LEDs, but the problems seem to show up with
ports near the end of the card.

Expected behavior:

When a cable is connected and Ethernet link is established, the LED
turns solid. The testing connections have essentially zero traffic, so
even if the LED is supposed to indicate activity, the LED being
continuously off should not occur.

Actual behavior, on ports 18-20:

18 - Behaves as expected, except if 19 is plugged in. When 19 is plugged
in, 18 is off.

For example, if you start by plugging in 18, it comes on. Then you plug
in 19; 18 goes off and 19 comes on (but both are still actually linked).
Then you unplug 19, and 19 goes off and 18 comes back on.

19 - Behaves as expected.

20 - It blinks once quickly on link up and then stays off.

The routers in question are MLXe DC chassis filled with high speed
fabric modules, and XMR management modules. The line card in question is
a NI-XMR-1Gx20-SFP; we're using Brocade-supplied copper SFPs. We're
running 5.3.0cT163.

I have tested with at least three line cards in three different chassis
in at least two different buildings. I've tried the line card in at
least slots 1 and 2. I've rebooted the XMRs. I've used at least three
different devices on the other end of the cable, of two different types
(servers with Intel NICs and Calix E7s switches). TAC had us RMA one
line card, which didn't help. I have tried with a blank config on the
XMR and just enabling those ports (e.g. "int e 1/20" & "enable").

I have not done much, if any, testing on older software versions. We
need at least this version in production.

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