[f-nsp] Prefix (dis-)aggregation & prefix (re-)aggregation

Alex HM alex.hm.list at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 17:04:04 EST 2013


I think this is a rather hot topic at the moment.

The Internet table keeps growing at a steady pace, more and more networks
practice prefixes disaggregation, especially smaller ISPs. I do not know
what are they motivation beneath, a cheap way to do traffic engineering. I
saw a partner of us doing that (a /21 split into a /22 a /24 and a second

Everybody mentions that up to 40% of the entire table is rubbish. A lot of
people around are bashing the MLs mentioning they re-aggregate these
prefixes, but nobody seems to have shared their methodology, tools,
algorithm or findings.

I guess the hard way is to take each AS one my one and to see if they
announce prefixes in weird way and if their announces can be re-aggregated,
however doing this manually could take a life and would be rubbish by the
end of the run.

Could somebody be so good as to provide insights and some hints for those
who are interested in learning how to do something barely documented
anywhere? I am sure I am not the only one looking for such solution.

 -- Al
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