Dial Part

Gilbert Martinez Sr. gm13 at SWT.EDU
Sat Feb 14 03:33:09 EST 1998

Hello to all,

   I am looking for the Nylon spiral follower piece for the SB-101,
part #266-74.  This is the little nylon piece that is bolted to the dial
pointer drive arm and runs in the spiral grove allowing the dial pointer
to move as you rotate the VFO knob.  I was just going to try to
improvise just to make it work, but I want to keep it original.  It's
the same one that is on the other HeathKits that had the linear pointer
dial above the circular dial.  Just thought I would ask and maybe get
real lucky and find one !  Thanks and 73.

Gil,   KC5BMX

HeathKit Operator/Collector

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