NIB: ET3400A and EE-3401: Microprocessor Training Components Needed for 3400 series.

J.Douglas Hensley w5jv at JUNO.COM
Fri Feb 20 18:34:56 EST 1998

Good Evening Heath folks,

Just received an unopened microprocessor training package for the
Motorola 6800.  Box one is the EE-3401 training pack which contains the
course; weighs about 12 lbs and cost $100 in 1983, but more later.  Box
two is the ET-3400A trainer which contains the breadboard unit and cost
$229.95 kit, $329 assembled; ibid on date information. Wow, that was
serious investment wasn't it?

If anyone has any additional components to this series such as the 3402
(interfacing) or 3404 (6809 family) or whatever, please contact me if its
available.  Also if you have any comments regarding the course and its
series, I would enjoy hearing from you.

I don't think any of you would need this thing for your collection, but I
am going to wait a week or two before opening these boxes so if anyone
has a burning desire for this unopened kit, please get in touch with
interests and offers right away.  I acquired this to use but am open
minded if someone see it as important to their needs.

Still have available:

SB-634 Station Console

Heath SG-8 RF Signal Generator

CI-1020 Electronic Timing Light (vy good-excellent condx)

IP-2730 Heath/Shumberger programmable HD power supply  0-7.5V, 0 - 10A
(as new)

Heath MSDOS 3.3 course, assembled but unused.  Credit still available.

Heath C Programming Course, assembled but unused.  Credit still
available. Comes with compiler.

Original Manuals:
HS-1661 Desk Speaker
TM-1626 Stereo MIxer

If you're interested in anything, just get in touch.

Looking for:

SB-600 Speaker
HD-1410A Keyer
HDP-21A Desk MIcrophone
Transceiver that will work MARS in the region 4.0 to 4.025
Non-working but complete Marauder, Mohawk, etc.

Have a good weekend,

Doug W5JV

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