John, W8QA jwerner19 at HOME.COM
Sat Aug 4 08:05:50 EDT 2001

Marty, et al:

The t-shirts featuring different boat-anchor companies are nice.  I still have an original "Heathkit:  For the Well-Built Ham" t-shirt in my dresser, although I haven't worn it in years.

That brings me to my point:  Most middle-aged men don't look good in t-shirts.  Let's just say that we are better insulated than we were in our younger years.  I also need to carry a pen, calling cards, etc. in my shirt pocket, and most t-shirts don't have pockets.

Although they would cost a lot more than silk-screened t-shirts, has anyone ever explored the possibility of doing some embroidered logos on short-sleeved cotton button-down shirts?  Yeah, they'd be expensive, but I'd rather pay $55 for a shirt that I will actually wear than $15 for a shirt that will just end up in a drawer.

Please pardon the addition of my two cents . . .

Best DX and

Very 73,

John, W8QA

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