SB-620, SB-610, HO-13 and SB-620 for sale

Tom Guntzel TGuntzel at AOL.COM
Sat Aug 4 15:35:17 EDT 2001

I have a SB-620 set up for an I.F. of 455 Khz for sale.

I have given the cabinet a light overspray of the proper color and the
wrinkle finish still shows through nicely.

The trace has good sharpness and focus, all knobs original, no scratches on
the face plate.  The yellow plastic over the CRT is a little scratched but
not bad.

It needs to be recalibrated as the pip can't be centered properly.  Otherwise
it is very nice.  I would like $150 for it and I will include shipping in
that price.  Will also include the photo copy of a partial manual.

Very nice SB-610, cabinet good with a couple of paint rubs, original knobs,
face plate nice,  Plenty of range in the focus and intensity controls,
partial photo copy of manual.  $125 including shipping.

Very Nice HO-13 set up for 455 Khz.  Cabinet has gotten a recent overspray of
the proper color.  Good range on all controls.  Nice face plate.  Bright
trace.  Partial photocopy of manual.  $150 including shipping.

I also have a SB-310 that has the optional kit which converted the 11 meter
band to 13 and 15 meters installed,  It is missing the little knob that
adjusts the hair line on the dial. It has the SSB filter installed.  The
plastic around the dial is a little scratched up and there are a few
blemishes on the cabinet here and there.  The receiver works but the signals
that are received are weak and hard to hear so it needs a little attention.
$175 including shipping, no manual.

Swaps considered.

Email any questions

Tom G.

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