FFP: Heathkit IM-11 and V4 VTVM

Kees & Sandy Talen talen at INETPORT.COM
Sat Aug 4 15:21:40 EDT 2001

Found an old Heathkit IM-11 VTVM which was apparently stored
in the garage 30 years ago with the "C" battery left installed. Bad
corrosion but it's all there except: no power transformer, no probes,
no manual, and .....of course, no "C" battery. Free for shipping if
you can use some of the parts. Or tell me what you want off it
and that is free for shipping.

Also found a partial Heathkit V4 VTVM if you want anything off
it, free for shipping  (not much left...covers, switches, meter,
knobs, etc are there.

73s  Kees K5BCQ

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