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Dave Kelley ai7r at PRESENCEKNOWN.COM
Mon Aug 6 15:29:22 EDT 2001

Greetings everyone...

Thanks for the nice comments about the Tempe lists.  Frankly though, we
just provide you the resource...you are the ones who make them great.

The rumor is true, we just turned on a list for Hallicrafters.  I guess
there was a little trouble on some of the other lists for them so we
thought we'd try to help out.  Of course, you are all helping us test
our new 'home grown' subscription system and that's really great,

There was a comment about the lists and how many subscribers there are.
Most of the lists are doing well with Heath being the most active and
subscribed to list.  The Collins list was re-located to a server that
was better equipped policy wise for their needs.  We continue to provide
the four years worth of archives for the Collins guys and if you try to
subscribe to that list we send the information about the new list
instead.  Hence, zero subscribers.

Every once in a while I peek in on you guys, but each time things are
running very smoothly.  I guess Heath gear appeals to people who 'get
along' and respect others?  Good to know.

In a few weeks we might be moving the list server to a new computer but
it should be a smooth transition.  But, if toes start flying we'll let
you know. (shooting ones self in the foot can be messy)

73 and be proud

City of Tempe

PS - since this is off topic, private replies are welcome

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