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Comfort kraft admin at COMFORTTEXAS.COM
Tue Aug 7 11:26:05 EDT 2001

I went to the Austin ,TX Summerfest this weekend.  A nice young fellow was
there trying to sell his grandfathers electronic stuff.  It was very hot and
he had no shade so after a while, a friend of his went around asking if
anyone wanted anything from him., as he was leaving. As it turned out, I
bought everything he had left.  Here is a list-it is all in good condition,
some almost as new. I have not tested all of it, but I was told it all
worked when his grandfather last used it.
I have put individual prices on it, however I would like to sell it all at
once, so make me an offer, either way
Have other stuff- but not heath and I don't want to get throwed off the list
for posting non-heath stuff
Thank You,
George R. Griesbach
505 River Oaks Rd.
Comfort, Texas, 78013
admin at comforttexas.com

Amateur Equipment
Model Number ;Description; Quantity ;Price in $$ ;Condition ;Works; Have
Manual? Notes

HD-1410 Electronic keyer 1 $75.00  As new and works ok   N
HW-32a 20m Transceiver 1 $75.00   VG           ?                    Y
No P/S
HW-22 40m Transceiver 1   $75.00     Fair               ?                  Y
No P/S

Test Equipment

IG-28 Color Bar-Dot Generator         1     $50            G         ?
IG-37 FM Stereo Generator  1                   $ 50           G         ?
IM-5258 Harmonic distortion analyzer 1      $175.00       G       ?        N
IG-102 RF Signal Generator 1                      $75.00      VG     Yes
IG-13 VTVM                          2                    $50.00        G
Yes        N
IG-28 VTVM                          2                     $60.00        G
Yes        N

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