HR-10 - HW-16 repair

Bruce Muscolino w6toy at EROLS.COM
Fri Aug 10 11:02:33 EDT 2001

Larry, and the group,

While I have not yet done so, I bought some HW16 electrolytics as NOS
from a list member several years ago.  I do intend to replace the ones
in mine one day!

In most electrical engineering courses at the time I got my degree
(1962) students had to calculate the power supply ripple from filters.
Experimental calculations, borne out by testing, were made with various
filter values.  It was a pretty easy computation to see the effects of
varying the capacitor values.  Higher values do not always translate to
better performance!  You are best advised to stick to the values that
are already there.  The designer has calculated them for a reason!


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