SB-104A CW-Filter / SB-640

R. Schmitz HeathlinerSB at AOL.COM
Fri Aug 10 13:50:48 EDT 2001

Hi Fans of the green equipment!
Some weeks ago, I put a question to the list: Using the SB-102 CW-Filter in
the SB104A. Lots of help to me ---Thank You.
Now the SB-104A arrived.Was very surprised: It had the CW-Filter built in.
Former owner didn't know it.
So the problem is solved.
Happy to tell You, that also a second problem is solved: Finally I found the
seperate LMO SB-640 to complete my SB-102 line.
Wishing a nice weekend and hope to meet You with the green rigs!
Best 73's de Randolf, DL6KAI

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