Speaking of Impedance...

Terry Perdue k8tp at HOME.COM
Sun Aug 12 13:58:12 EDT 2001

Actually, matching 16 Ohm outputs to 3.2 Ohm speakers would require a turns
ratio of 2.23:1, not 5:1. This is an impedance ratio, not voltage (turns)
ratio. If it were me, I'd try using a dual primary power transformer as an
autotransformer. Wire the primaries in series, as for 230V, connect the ends
to the amp, and the speaker between the cold end and center tap.


> The first would be to use an audio transformer that
> would match the 16 ohms to the 3.2 ohms.  This is
> about a 5:1 ratio.  Believe it or not, a power
> transformer made for 24 or 25.2 volt output with 120
> volts input would work.

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